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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2019 year, number 4

Numerical Investigation of Interaction of Two Deformable Bubbles in an Acoustic Field

Yu. A. Pityuk1, N. A. Gumerov1,2, O. A. Abramova1, I. A. Zarafutdinov1, I. Sh. Akhatov3
1Center for Micro- snd Nanoscale Dynamics, Ufa, 450076, Russia
2Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, College Park, 21075, USA
3Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, 143026, Russia
Keywords: деформация пузырька, взаимодействие пузырьков, численное моделирование, метод граничных элементов, потенциальное течение, bubble deformation, bubble interaction, numerical simulation, boundary-element method, potential flow


Three-dimensional deformation of two bubbles and bubbles in a cluster in an ideal incompressible fluid exposed to an acoustic field is investigated using the boundary element method for potential flows. The dependence of the dynamics of two interacting bubbles on the frequency and amplitude of the acoustic field and the distance between them is studied. The values of the parameters of the acoustic field and the cluster for which jets are formed and the bubbles are deformed or remain spherical are determined. The behavior of two central bubbles in a structured cluster exposed to an acoustic field with different frequency and amplitude is investigated as a function of the distance between the bubbles of the cluster. A comparative analysis of the deformation of the investigated bubbles in the presence and absence of adjacent bubbles is performed.