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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2019 year, number 4

Rotational Motion of Finned Shaped-Charge Liners

S. S. Rassokha, S. V. Ladov, A. V. Babkin
Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, 105005, Russia
Keywords: оребренная кумулятивная облицовка, кумулятивная струя, вращение, finned shaped-charge liner, shaped-charge jet, rotation


The rotational motion of finned shaped-charge liners is studied. It is shown that the main factors affecting the rotation of a shaped-charge jet are the position of the jet-forming layer and the distribution of the circumferential velocity in the liner cross-section. The proposed method can be used to estimate the average angular velocity of the jet with consideration of the size of the finned shaped-charge liner and the properties of its material. It is shown that the results are consistent with available experimental data.