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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2019 year, number 3


E. A. Bondarev, I. I. Rozhin, K. K. Argunova
Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Yakutsk, Russia
Keywords: сопряженные задачи теплообмена, транспортировка природного газа, гидраты природного газа, conjugate heat exchange problems, pipeline transport of natural gas, natural gas hydrates


A computational experiment has been performed to study the effect of the change in the main pipeline cross section due to hydrate formation on hydraulic resistance and the temperature and pressure dynamics taking into account quasi-stationary heat exchange with permafrost ground. The case is considered where wet gas is supplied to the pipeline and the dynamics of hydrate formation is determined along with other parameters. The calculations are carried out until the outlet pressure becomes lower than standard one. The experiment showed that a model in which the hydraulic resistance coefficient is considered constant leads to a significant underestimation of the permissible pipeline operation time. Consequently, in mathematical modeling of hydrate formation in natural gas pipelines, taking into account the relationship between heat transfer and viscous friction is critical.