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Region: Economics and Sociology

2019 year, number 2

Success Factors of Car Sharing Services in Russia

A.E. Podgayskaya
ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia
Keywords: каршеринг, аренда автомобиля, каршеринг-сервис, прокат автомобиля, совместное потребление, факторы успеха, экономия от общего пользования, транспорт, car sharing, car rental, car sharing service, car hire, collaborative consumption, success factors, the sharing economy, transport


The paper identifies the factors that affect the success of car sharing companies. At present, Russian car sharing market is highly competitive and companies must invest a lot in factors that will ensure their development and growth. A scarcity of research on Russian car sharing makes the topic relevant and creates the need for studies that take into account the specifics of the business in Russia. Having assessed the practices of other countries presented in foreign literature and the industry in Russia, we put forward two main hypotheses: the success of car sharing expressed in the number of clients will be affected by 1) service availability and 2) its value for money. An econometric analysis partially confirms each of the hypotheses. It turns out that among the positive effects on the number of customers are such features as the quantity of cars available for rent, the presence of the service in both Moscow and St. Petersburg at the same time, as well as the number of airports in the service area, while the price increase has a negative impact. The results of the study allow providing recommendations for car sharing services.