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Region: Economics and Sociology

2019 year, number 2

Small Innovative Enterprises in Regions: Strategic Orientations and Tactics for Achieving Them

Novosibirsk, Russia
Keywords: стратегия научно-технологического развития, малые инновационные предприятия, инновационная активность, региональная неоднородность, формы статистического наблюдения, механизмы поддержки, национальные проект, strategy for science and technology development, small innovative enterprises, innovative activity, regional heterogeneity, data forms of statistical observation, support mechanisms, national projects


The article discusses the role of small innovative enterprises (SIEs) in the Strategy for Science and Technology Development of the Russian Federation. The research objective is to identify trends and spatial features of the SIE development during the period 2007-2017 and assess the measures of state support for this segment of the national economy. In accordance with the task set, we diagnose the dynamics of the main SIEs condition indicators in various constituent entities of the federation while relying on the data forms of federal statistical observation No. 2-МП (innovation) «Information on Technological Innovations of a Small Enterprise». Different combinations of changes in statistical reporting indicators help estimate the baseline conditions in the region for the development of small innovative enterprises during the next forecast period. The presented analysis confirms that innovation activity has decreased in the field of SIEs and indicates a significant divergence of trends at the regional level. It is shown that the procedures implemented by the Federal Corporation for SMEs have not had a sufficient stimulating effect on the development of small innovative businesses. We examine the data of the draft passport of the national program «Small and medium-sized businesses and support for individual entrepreneurial initiatives» and make proposals to expand SIE support measures.