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Region: Economics and Sociology

2019 year, number 2

Large-Scale Railway Projects in Eastern Russia: an Expert Review

Novosibirsk, Russia
Keywords: крупномасштабные железнодорожные проекты, Сибирь, Дальний Восток, магистрали двойного назначения, Арктика, Северный морской путь, санкции, рокада, критерии теории принятия решений, неопределенность, large-scale railway projects, Siberia, the Far East, double-purpose mainlines, the Arctic, the Northern Sea Route, sanctions, lateral road, criteria of the decision-making theory, uncertainty


The article analyzes large-scale railway projects, namely Sakhalin - Mainland, Lena - Kamchatka, and Transpolar mainlines, planned in the long term to be launched in Siberia and the Far East. We apply methods of system analysis and expert-based technologies for assessing their comparative social effectiveness in order to establish projects’ priority ranking in different contrasting scenarios for the development of economy and society in Russia. To support investment decision-making procedures, we use local computer programs developed at the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering SB RAS and Siberian Transport University. The article presents and comments on the results of experimental calculations made with this software.