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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2019 year, number 5

The initial stage of the diffuse jet formation in a pulsed discharge with a non-uniform electric field in air

V.S. Kuznetsov1, V.F. Tarasenko1,2, V.A. Panarin1, V.S. Skakun1, E.A. Sosnin1,2, E.Kh. Baksht1
1High Current Electronics Institute of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, 634055, Tomsk, 2/3, Academichesky ave.
2National Research Tomsk State University, 36, Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, 634050,Russia
Keywords: апокампический разряд, коронный разряд, шаровые и цилиндрические стримеры, микросекундные импульсы напряжения, положительная полярность, apokampic discharge, corona discharge, spherical and cylindrical streamers, microsecond voltage pulses, positive polarity


Laboratory simulation of the conditions for the blue “jet” beginning in the Earth’s atmosphere has been carried out. For this purpose, the diffuse “jet” formation and plasma buildup in corona and apokampic discharges on air has been studied. It is shown that “jet” is formed due to streamer breakdown, and their color depends on pressure. At atmospheric air pressures of 30-120 Torr, streamers starting from different parts of a repetitively pulsed discharge are recorded in a non-uniform electric field. It has been established that, before the breakdown, between the pointed electrodes, a corona discharge of a spherical shape is formed near a metal high-voltage electrode of positive polarity, from which streamer coronas start with increasing voltage. Data on the dimensions of the streamer head and the streamer propagation speeds in the corona and apokampic discharges are presented.