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Scientific journal “Vestnik NSUEM”

2019 year, number 1


A.V. Amelchenko, Yu.I. Mikhailov
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University В«LETI», Professor Popova str., 5, St. Petersburg, 197022
Keywords: стратегическое управление, ВВП, ВВП на душу населения, гене- ральная цель, научно-технический прогресс, финансирование исследований и разработок, внутренние затраты на исследования и разработки, взаимосвязь финансирования науки и социально-экономического развития страны, strategic management, gross domestic product, per capita gross domestic product, general goal, scientific-and-technological advance, financing of researches and projects, transfer cost of researches and projects, correlation of science financing and social-economic development of the country


In the article main problems that appear during formation and performing of long-term Russian economics development program are defined, and strategic management is essential. It is suggested to use per capita gross domestic product as a measure of realization of the program. It is shown that gross domestic product can also be the main goal. Furthermore comparative evaluation of general goal achievement is performed where a leading position is given to the researches and projects that influence practically all kinds of economic activity of a big social-economic system.