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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2019 year, number 1


N.G. Kedrov
Keywords: историческая наука, аграрная историография, коллективизация, советская деревня, Н.Я. Гущин, historical science, agrarian historiography, collectivization, Soviet village, N. Ya. Gushchin


The first part of the article was published in the previous issue (2018, N 4). This is its second part, which reconstructs the viewpoint of N. Ya. Gushchin, a famous Russian historian, in the collectivization debates of 1970s-1980s. A key event in the context of the studied issues was the XVI Session of the Symposium on Agrarian History of Eastern Europe (Chisinau, 1976), where sharp debates about kulaks’ social nature took place between V. P. Danilov, who claimed that kulaks and peasants were the same, and N. Ya. Gushchin, who insisted on their fundamental differences. Later N. Ya. Guschin took an active part in development of new approaches to study collectivization. At the turn of 1980s and 1990s he paid more attention to analyzing the political aspects of the problem and linked the agrarian policy’s difficulties with the wrong course of political power. At the same time, he came closer to the views then expressed by V. P. Danilov.