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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2018 year, number 10

Problems аnd Prospects оf Energy Development in Buryatia

G. O. Borisov
Buryatia Scientific Center SB RAS
Keywords: электроэнергетика, Республика Бурятия, электропотребление, выработка электроэнергии, котельная, когенерация, Улан-Удэнская ТЭЦ-2, Мокская ГЭС, оз.Байкал, Power sector, Republic of Buryatia, energy consumption, power generation, thermalpower plants, cogeneration, Ulan-Ude CHP-2, Mokskaya HPP, the Lake Baikal


The author analyzes the condition of the power industry of the Republic of Buryatia.The article highlights the main problems of the industry, the solution of which allows usto determine the main directions for further development of the industry. The necessity ofcommissioning new energy facilities for increasing the energy security of the republic, theefficiency of the energy system and solving ecological problems related to the protectionof Lake Baikal is grounded. The necessity of development and implementation of neweffective programs for updating equipment of power plants, reconstruction of electric andheat networks is shown. The necessity of the introduction of the heating capacities ofUlan-Ude CHPP-2 for increasing the efficiency of the energy system, solving the issuesof city development is substantiated.The tasks of power engineers arising in connection with the protection of Lake Baikal are considered.The required amount of electricity and capacity for transferring heat supply to the Central Ecological Zone of the Baikal Nature Territory for electricityThe necessity of ecologically acceptable regulation of the Baikal level with attractionof all capacities of the electric power industry of the Baikal region is shown, which shouldbe taken into account in the development of forecasts of the development of the energysystems of the Baikal region, as well as changes in the “Basic rules for the use of waterresources in the reservoirs of the Angara cascade of HPPs”.It is proposed to consider alternative power supply options for Mongolia instead of building hydropower plants in the Selenga river basin, including the construction of a 500kV transmission line from Gusinoozersk to Mongolia.The variants of power supply in the north of the Baikal region with the constructionof the Mokskaya HPP are considered.