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"Philosophy of Education"

2018 year, number 4


A. G. Lagutin, G. V. Ruff, T. V. Sidorina
Novosibirsk military Institute named after General of the army I. K. Yakovlev of national guard troops of Russia, 630114, Russia, st. Kluth-Kamisenskoe plato, 6-2
Keywords: самоуправление, управление, методическое мастерство, педагогическая деятельность, преподаватели и курсанты Росгвардии, self-management, management, methodical skill, pedagogical activity, teachers and cadets of Federal National Guard Troops Service


Introduction. The purpose of the paper is to search for points of contact arising in the course of managing the process of cadets learning and self-management of their actions in the classroom.The development of effective methods and techniques for firearms training is dictated by the requirement for the level of cadets mastering the service weapons, since how well they master motor algorithms in the process of fire training in a shooting range will determine the length of service of future officers and the quality of their fulfillment of official tasks. The methodological skills of teachers at a military higher educational institution directly depend on their ability to self-manage their actions and to teach the students this skill, which leads to their ability to improve their military-professional qualities. Methodology and methods of the research. The basis of the performed study, taking into account military specificity, was the psychological and pedagogical ideas on the development of personality. The process of teaching cadets in an educational institution by applying the systems approach is considered as a system, whereas the use of the personality-activity approach made it possible to analyze the components of the student’s personality as an object of educational activity. The results of the study. As a result of the research, recommendations for teachers and cadets on self-management were compiled. The results of the interviews and analyzes showed that the development of cadets' self-management of their achievements in the educational practice of a military higher educational institution is not considered as one of the main tasks of educational activity, which leads to a certain loss of the effectiveness of the educational process, and the goal setting did not become the starting point for cadets in self-management. Conclusion. The authors conclude that the process of cadets' self-management of their actions is an important component of the teacher's activity and contributes to improving the methodological skills of teachers.