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"Philosophy of Education"

2018 year, number 4


O. P. Saveleva
Magnitogorsk State Technical University. G. I. Nosov, 455000, Russia, Magnitogorsk, av. Lenina, 38
Keywords: художественное образование, художественно-творческая деятельность, педагогические условия, художественный интерес, мотивация, восприятие цвета, культура цвета, art education, artistic and creative activities, pedagogical conditions, artistic interest, motivation, color perception, color culture


Introduction. The article analyzes the current state of development of artistic and creative activities of students in the context of changing the educational paradigm. The author considers the specifics of the art education of children, identifies factors affecting the change in approaches to the revitalization of artistic and creative activities. Methodology and methods of the research. Analysis of the works of N. N. Rostovtsev, V. S. Kuzin, S. P. Lomov, G. A. Gorbunova, S. E. Ignatiev allow to isolate the components of artistic and creative activity and to determine the factors influencing its activation. Experimental testing of classes with students proves the effectiveness of the chosen methods and techniques for working with children. In the research methodology they used - observation of children's activities, analysis and interpretation of the product of artistic and creative activities (drawings, paintings, creative applied works, applications). The results of the study. Fundamental approaches in the revitalization of the artistic and creative activities of children and adolescents are highlighted - the formation of artistic interest and the use of progressive teaching methods and techniques. Conclusion. The study does not pretend to be complete and can be continued from the point of view of involving the potential of other types of arts in the process of enhancing artistic and creative activity.