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"Philosophy of Education"

2018 year, number 4


P. G. Vorontsov
Altai State Medical University Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 656038, Russia, Bernaul, av. Lenina, 40
Keywords: физическая культура и спорт, антропосоциальная сфера, образование, педагогика физической культуры и спорта, здоровый образ жизни, physical culture and sport, anthropo-social sphere, education, pedagogics of physical culture and sport, healthy way of life


Introduction. Modern pedagogy is a developing knowledge. There are traditional branches in it: social and humanitarian, natural science, etc. But as society develops, new areas are organized in it, new fields of knowledge are accumulated, and new branches of pedagogical knowledge are formed in pedagogy, the educational process acquires specificity. Methodology and methods of the research. The following philosophical and scientific methodology is used: dialectical and systemic approaches, scientific methods of analysis, comparison, extrapolation, integration. The results of the study. It substantiates the idea that special anthropo-social relations in the field of physical culture and sports (FKiS), the formation of a healthy lifestyle (HLS), the dissemination of entertainment events of mass sports and the sports of high achievements, specific socio-economic processes have been formed in modern society. As a result, in modern society a special anthropo-social sphere of health-improving physical culture and sports activity (FCC - HLS) is taking shape. But it must also correspond to a special system of training people in this field in education. In the field of pedagogical and psychological-pedagogical training, a special branch is being formed - the pedagogy of physical culture, sport and a healthy lifestyle (FCC-HLS), which is conceptually supported by the relevant scientific branch. Conclusion. In the XXI century, we can talk about the formation of a sphere of physical culture, sports, healthy lifestyles, according to which a special branch of pedagogical knowledge is formed - physical culture and sport, and healthy lifestyle.