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"Philosophy of Education"

2018 year, number 4


M. S. Averkov1, S. V. Monakhov2, A. A. Popov2
1Regional Resource Center for Working with Gifted Children, 660079, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, st. Matrosova, 19
2Federal Institute for Educational Development, the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, 125319, Russia, Moskow, st. Therniaxovskogo, 9
Keywords: образовательная политика, образовательная система, модель образования одаренных детей, educational policy, educational system, educational model for gifted children


Introduction. The purpose of work is tracking of origin and evolution of the social and state need for the special organization of identification of the maturing people with outstanding abilities and qualities. The content of the problem situation consists in a historical gap between integral scientific concepts of a phenomenon of outstanding achievements and the fragmentary, spontaneously developing approaches to realization of educational policy of outstanding achievements. However, it is possible to track influence of scientific concepts of a phenomenon of outstanding achievements on creation of social policy concerning talented and gifted children. Among the brightest authors of such concepts are F. Galton (the hereditary nature of talent), L. Terman (IQ as the key indicator of giftedness), F. Gagne and A. Tannenbaum (factors of environmental catalysts of giftedness), R. Florida and Ch. Lendri (condition of productivity of creative people). Methodology and technique of the research. The comparative and system-genetic analysis of concrete normative-legal materials and large state and state-public projects worldwide, including, in the countries pursuing complex policy of modernization. The results of the study. The paper contains the analysis of the educational and administrative systems providing identification and the maximum educational and social advance of gifted children from the point of view of the bases of their formation, the main mechanisms of functioning, opportunities and restrictions from the point of view of providing successful educational policy. The idea that the educational policy of outstanding achievements, from its very origination during the era of «educated absolutism», is connected with development and implementation of projects of complex modernization of society is introduced and proved in the paper. Conclusion. As a result of the analysis of precedents of educational policy of outstanding achievements in various countries throughout the 20th century, basic models of realization of such policy are created and initial social conditions under which this or that model can be the most effective are described. Also basic components of educational policy of outstanding achievements are identified.