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"Philosophy of Education"

2018 year, number 4


A. S. Komkova1, E. A. Krutko2
1Siberian State University of Communications, 630049, Russia, Novosibirsk, st. Dusi Kovalthuk, 191
2Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, 119571, Russia, Moscow, av. Vernadskogo, 82
Keywords: английский язык, edutainment, технология обучения, языковая подготовка в вузе, активное обучение, мотивация, игровой метод, English language, language teaching in the system of higher education, education technology, active learning, motivation, game method


Introduction. The paper substantiates the urgent need for the new ways of transmitting information, its perception and comprehension in the context of the rapid development of science and society. Today various fields of scientific knowledge use for this purpose the innovative technology known as Edutainment. In the works of Russian and foreign scientists the definitions of Edutainment vary widely. The paper aims at presenting the methodological value, specificity and potential of the use of Edutainment technology in the English language and culture teaching in the system of higher professional education. Methodology and methods of the research. The identification of the methodological importance and potential of applying innovative technology Edutainment in the process of teaching English and culture in the system of higher vocational education involves a systemic and structural-functional approach. General scientific methods such as analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, comparison were used in the article. The results of the study. The present study describes Edutainment as an education technology based on the concept of learning through entertainment. Authors give examples of the traditional and modern means of Edutainment technology that contribute mainly to the successful formation of language skills, comfortable emotional environment for obtaining information and strong educational motivation among students. Conclusion. The paper emphasizes the importance of the introduction of Edutainment technology in the educational process to develop students' abilities of using Internet resources for education and self-studies in order to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the country of the studied language, meet their professional needs and interests.