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Journal of Mining Sciences

2018 year, number 5


V. E. Matyasova1, Yu. M. Trubakov1, A. V. Lavernt’ev1, A. V. Kurkov2
1Leading Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Moscow, 115409 Russia
2Fedorovsky All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Mineral Resources, Moscow, 119017 Russia
Keywords: Фенакит, бертрандит, флюорит, флотация, бериллиевый концентрат, автоклав, электролизер, флюоритовый концентрат, катионообменная мембрана, гидролиз, гидроксид бериллия, Phenakite, bertrandite, fluorite, flotation, beryllium concentrate, autoclave, electrolysis bath, fluorite concentrate, cation-exchange membrane, hydrolysis, beryllium hydroxide


The results of the research and tests in production of beryllium concentrate of the superior and commercial grades as well as the marketable fluorite concentrate from ore and waste of the Ermakovskoe deposit mining are presented. The ore and waste contain a mineral complex which is hard to separate using fat acids and features an increased content of fluorite. Production of the marketable flotation concentrate is based on fixation of calcium in pulp using sodium carbonate, caustic soda and sodium tripolyphosphate. The autoclave-membrane electrolysis technology is developed for the production of marketable beryllium hydroxide from beryllium concentrates. The technology consists of a set of successive operations: dissociation in autoclave, separation of the suspension after the autoclave dissociation, removal of admixtures from the solutions, membrane electrodyalysis of alkaline solutions, hydrolysis of sodium beryllate and separation of beryllium hydroxide. The processing data of the test beryllium concentrates obtained using the autoclave-membrane electrolysis technology are given.