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Journal of Mining Sciences

2018 year, number 5


S. Vujic1, S. Maksimovic1, M. Radosavljvic1, D. Krunic2
1Mining Institute Ltd. Belgrade, Belgrade, 11080 Serbia
2Ministry of Mining and Energy, Belgrade, 11000 Serbia
Keywords: Межотраслевое моделирование, анализ входных и выходных данных, таблица транзакций входа-выхода, горнодобывающий бассейн “Колубара”, Sectoral modeling, input-output analysis, input-output transaction matrix, Kolubara mining basin


The sectoral models are the efficient tools of mathematic simulation and are widely applied in economy. It is inconsistent that the mining industry neglects the sectoral analysis whereas neither industrial sector has ever adopted and implemented operational research methods so promptly as the mining industry. There is no satisfactory explanation of this fact. Aiming to throw light on the dilemma, this article focuses on the characteristics and properties of the sectoral analysis, as well as on the understanding of its applicability in the mining industry. In terms of the sectoral model of the Kolubara mining basin operated by the power industry in Serbia, the implementation and validation of observations and conclusions are demonstrated.