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Scientific journal “Vestnik NSUEM”

2018 year, number 3


M.V. Karmanov, O.A. Makhova
Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Stremyanny lane 36, Moscow, 117997, Russia
Keywords: сексуальные домогательства, статистика сексуальных домогательств, показатели сексуальных домогательств, sexual harassment, statistics of sexual harassment, indicators of sexual harassment


Sexual harassment becomes the spotlight of public attention more and more often, causing the most heated debates on the content, forms of display and other parameters. In essence, sexual harassment is one of the objects of scientific cognition which are hard to identify, its quantitative measurements raise a lot of questions. In this context the article analyzes various approaches to the definition of sexual harassment, the features are revealed, and the need for carrying out statistical studies of the scope of its expansion is proved. Methodological and applied matters of the comprehensive statistical characteristic of sexual harassment, seriously hindering the adequate assessment of such a complex and contradictory social phenomenon, are revealed.