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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2018 year, number 7

Efficiency of Рower Рlantations

E.V. Gubiy1, V.I. Zorkaltsev2
1Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS
2Irkutsk Scientific Center SB RAS
Keywords: биотопливо, возобновляемые источники энергии, топливоснабжение, экология, энергетические плантации, озеро Байкал, Вiofuel, renewable energy sources, fuel supply, ecology, power plantations, Lake Baikal


The economic and environmental advantages of using power plantations for a fuel supply of the remote settlements are discussed. Particular attention has been given to the problem of fuel supply of the tourism and recreational zone of Lake Baikal. The results of a research based on economic-mathematical model of analysis and optimization of functioning of the power plantations for a fuel supply of the remote settlements are presented. Experimental studies have shown that the fuel supply of the remote settlements based on creation of the power plantations can be quite profitable even in the Siberian area at an available price situation. The problem of choosing the optimal combination of power plantations and imported fuel is discussed. The influence on the economic efficiency volume of demand of fuel, the prices of the import fuel, the transport factor which depend on the configuration and the required area of the energy plantation is considered.