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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2018 year, number 7

Aglomeration Processes in Siberia: Where to Start

V.S. Chimoczka
Altai state University
Keywords: интеграционные процессы, Сибирский федеральный округ, причины создания агломераций, муниципальный уровень, региональный уровень, критерии эффективности, Барнаульская агломерация, Integration processes, Siberian region, causes of agglomeration, municipality level, regional level, efficiency criteria, Barnaul agglomeration


Problems of territory development efficiency are becoming increasingly important in the current context. Agglomeration processes enable to engage additional resources to the economic development, to improve the territory management and the population’s quality of life. Two processes are underway in parallel: agglomerations top-down plan development and bottom-up step by step agglomerations formation. There is a problem of effort (financial and administrative) allocation between these two approaches. The author examines the territory collaborative arrangements, analyzes the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of agglomerations creation and points out fundamental differences between top-down and bottom-up approaches. He considers that the construction of agglomerations below-up as a set of inter-municipal integrated in a harmonized way projects is more effective. Subsequently, it is necessary to provide for the integration of inter- municipal projects into a single agglomeration development program. The development of this approach consists in the analysis of synergies and systematization of sets of such projects. It is also necessary to improve the regulatory framework for the formation of sets of inter-municipal projects in the budget, territorial and urban planning legislation.