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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2018 year, number 7

The Population’s Replacement in the Urbanizing Western Siberia in the Second Half of the 20th Century

A.A. Burmatov
Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Kuibyshev
Keywords: Западная Сибирь, городское население, сельское население, рождаемость, смертность, младенческая смертность, Western Siberia, urban population, rural population, birth rate, mortality, infant mortality


The article considers the demographic aspect of the urbanization of Western Siberia, a key region for the development of the Asian part of the country, the influence of the increase in the population of cities, the concentration of the population in large cities, and the spread of the urban lifestyle to the countryside. The positive and negative consequences of the urbanization process for the whole society and for the rural population of Western Siberia are noted. The evolution in the demographic sphere has been traced for 50 years. Particular attention is paid to fertility and mortality as factors that determine the reproduction of the population. It is shown that the demographic sphere in its development, being inert in its essence, determined the demographic situation of our time.The village inevitably went beyond the city in matters of reproductive behavior and reproduction of generations. At the same time, demographic processes were more intensive in the countryside.The article is based on the materials of official statistics, most of which were not publicly available in the press and are known to the public.