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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2018 year, number 7

Demographic Aspects of Untypical Urbanization in Western Siberia in 1960-1980-s

O. B. Dashinamzhilov
Institute of History SB RAS
Keywords: историческая демография, Западная Сибирь, население, воспроизводство, пространственные перемещения, регион, Historical Demography, Western Siberia, population, reproduction, areal movements, region


Distinctive characteristics and territorial features of urbanization in Russia and their influence on demographic processes are considered in the paper. Tools for the government management of city building including those in the East of the country are represented. Specifics of urban settlement’s development in Western Siberia under the factors of geographical remoteness, nature resources provision, evacuation during the Second World War are shown. For the first time demographic results of the specific model of urbanization in Western Siberia in 1960-1980-s are determined in Russian historiography. The influence of social and educational structures of the population, its employment, types of urban settlements, and public politics on fertility in the old industrial regions and new mine-rush areas are represented. Factors of mortality and specifics of average life expectancy of the Western Siberian citizens are analyzed as well as patterns of migration flows at different historical periods.