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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2018 year, number 5

Experimental Study of Compressibility of a VNM-3-2 Alloy under Megabar Pressures

G. V. Boriskov, A. I. Bykov, N. I. Egorov, M. I. Dolotenko, V. N. Pavlov, I. S. Strelkov, V. I. Timareva, S. I. Belov
Russian Federal Atomic Center, All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics, Sarov, 607188 Russia
Keywords: изоэнтропическое сжатие, магнитокумулятивный генератор, мегабарное давление, уравнения состояния, кривая холодного сжатия, сплавы на основе вольфрама, isentropic compression, magnetocumulative generator, megabar pressure, state equation, cold compression curve, tungsten-based alloys


This paper describes an experimental study of isentropic compression of a VNM-3-2 heavy tungsten alloy by a pressure of a superstrong pulsed magnetic field, induced by a magnetocumulative MK-1 generator. Experimental points obtained on a p- ρ-diagram of the alloy are compared with its cold compression curve, previously constructed on the basis of shock-wave experiments. The purpose of this study is to correct and clarify a state equation of the alloy under an ultrahigh pressure and low temperature. This equation is used to analyze data obtained in experiments on isentropic compression of various substances.