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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2018 year, number 5

New Capabilities of Proton Radiography for Recording Fast Gas-Dynamic Processes

V. A. Arinin, S. A. Kartanov, Yu. P. Kuropatkin, A. I. Lebedev, A. L. Mikhailov, K. L. Mikhailukov, V. A. Ogorodnikov, O. V. Oreshkov, K. N. Panov, M. A. Syrunin, M. V. Tatsenko, B. I. Tkachenko, I. A. Tkachenko, I. V. Khramov, A. P. Tsoi
Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics, Sarov, 607190 Russia
Keywords: протонная радиография, детонация, ударная волна, откольное разрушение, сжимаемость, магнитография, proton radiography, detonation, shock wave, spall fracture, compressibility, magnetography


For about 15 years, researchers of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF) have performed studies of fast gas-dynamic processes using a proton radiographic system developed jointly with the Institute of High Energy Physics on the basis of an U-70 accelerator. The main advantages of flash proton radiography over widespread flash X-ray radiography are spatial resolution, multi-frame mode, transmission capability, dynamic range of recording, etc. In recent years, effort has continued to extend the capabilities of the proton radiographic system by increasing the total time and expanding the recording field and equipping it with additional diagnostic techniques and new explosion-proof chambers. In this paper, we present the results of studies that illustrate these capcbilities.