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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2018 year, number 6

Archaic Reasoning about Hierarchy and Power (on the book by A. P. Ermilov В«Power and economic relations: an activity approach»)

P. N. Teslia1,2
1Novosibirsk State Technical University
2Novosibirsk State University
Keywords: производственные отношения, господство - подчинение, иерархии, власть, институты, политическая экономия, мэйнстрим, поведенческая и экспериментальная экономика, Industrial relations, domination-subordination, hierarchies, power, institutions, political economy, mainstream, behavioral and experimental Economics


The paper discuss the concept of the system of socio-economic relations derived from the relations of power (domination - subordination). The author of the reviewed book develops a system of categories of political economy, based on the methodology of Marx, bringing in a number of new elements and removing from it those elements that, in his assessment, are not significant. Critical review of the book shows its strengths and weaknesses. The author’s concept is evaluated from the point of view of correctness of methodological requirements, as well as by comparison with alternative approaches. The activity approach, which is the basis of the study, leads the author to original results, different from the generally recognized ones. The review discusses the explanatory power of the concept proposed by the author, its completeness and consistency.