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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2018 year, number 2

Changes in the Molecular Structure of Resins and Asphaltenes of Natural Bitumen during Thermal Cracking

Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, SB RAS, Tomsk, Russia
Keywords: природный битум, крекинг, углеводороды, смолы, асфальтены, структура молекул, natural bitumen, cracking, hydrocarbons, resins, asphaltenes, molecular structure
Pages: 179-186


The results of exploring cracking of high-sulphur bitumen (sulphur content of 3.7 %) from the Mordovo-Karmalskoye field with a mass content of fractions boiling out to 200 °C of 6.7 % are presented. The yields of gaseous, liquid, and solid products were determined at 450 °C and process time of 60-120 min. The hydrocarbon composition of liquid products from cracking was analysed. The effect of bitumen thermal treatment length on changes in molecular structures of high molecular mass heteroatomic compounds (resins and asphaltenes) was investigated. It was found that at cracking time of 100 min, molecules of asphaltenes of bitumen from the Mordovo-Karmalskoye field became larger due to an increase in the number of naphthenic rings. Whereas at 120 min, asphaltenes decomposed and got more aromatized.

DOI: 10.15372/CSD20180210