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Scientific journal “Vestnik NSUEM”

2018 year, number 1


V.N. Afanasyev1, E.V. Shevrina2
1Orenburg State University, Pobedy ave., 13, Orenburg, Orenburgskaya obl., 460018
2Orenburg State Agrarian University, Chelyuskintsev str., 18, Orenburg, Orenburgskaya obl., 460014
Keywords: асинхронность волатильности природно-климатических условий регионов, статистическая методология анализа временных рядов и его практическое использование, asynchronous volatility of climatic conditions of the regions, statistical methodology of time series analysis and its practical use


The Diversity of climatic zones in the Russian Federation is an important resource to create a sustainable food market. Proposed statistical methodology of the partner search of the food market taking into account the asynchrony of the volatility of the climatic conditions in the geographic market of the subject. The study was conducted via asynchronous volatility dynamics of production of main types of food (grain, milk, meat), calculated per inhabitant of the region, including medical nutritional standards. Asynchronous volatility regions determined by our method improved RSCU (with synchronous fluctuations of productivity) with the inclusion of sustainability indicators of levels of time series and their trends. The choice of partners in the food market is based on the results dlouhodoby matrix. Optimization of trade agreements includes the solution of classical transport problems that participants of the food market is an important factor in trade in the Russian Federation. Practical application of the developed methodology allows retail chains to reduce costs and it is possible to reduce food prices with all the ensuing socio-economic consequences. The proposed methodology is practically important for international trade in the face of rising demand for food from Russia.