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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2018 year, number 3

Study of iron oxide nanoparticles interaction with blood plasma fibrinogen by dynamic light scattering

M.N. Kirichenko1, L.L. Chaikov1, S.V. Krivokhizha1, N.A. Bulychev1,2, M.A. Kazaryan1, A.R. Zaritsky1
1P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, 53 Leninskij Prospekt, 119991, Moscow, Russia
2Moscow Aviation Institute, 4, Volokolamsk Highway, Moscow, 125993, Russia
Keywords: наночастицы оксида железа, акустоплазменный разряд с кавитацией, фибриноген плазмы крови, динамическое светорассеяние, образование фибринового геля, iron oxide nanoparticles, acoustoplasma discharge with cavitation, blood plasma fibrinogen, dynamic light scattering, fibrin gel formation


The interaction of iron oxide nanoparticles obtained in acoustoplasma discharge with cavitation with blood plasma fibrinogen is studied in a model solution by dynamic light scattering. Depending on the storage time of the nanoparticles, their interaction with the protein shows different dynamics of the size distribution. However, the biological action of the nanoparticles is the same action regardless of the storage time-they act as inhibitors of the fibrin gel formation reaction.