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Siberian Journal of Forest Science

2018 year, number 1

The PROLONGED INFLUENCE OF Growth Stimulants ON MORPHOMETRIC INDICATORS OF THREE-YEAR seedlings OF Main Forest forming Species of central siberia

M. A. Kirienko, I. A. Goncharova
V. N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, Akademgorodok, 50/28, Krasnoyarsk, 660036 Russian Federation
Keywords: стимулятор роста, сеянцы, морфометрические показатели, хвойные, growth stimulants, seedlings, morphometric indicators, coniferous


The prolonged effects of growth stimulants with differences in active substance on morphometric parameters of three-year old seedlings of Scotch pine Pinus silvestris L., Siberian spruce Picea obovata Ledeb., Siberian larch Larix sibirica Ledeb., whose seeds had been treated with growth substances were studied. Analyzing a set of indicators: seed germination, seedling safety, height and diameter of trunks at root collar of 3-year-old seedlings in the forest-steppe zone of the Krasnoyarsk territory the reaction specificity of coniferous seedlings to seeds pre-plant processing are stated. It was found that height, height increment and stem diameter of Scots pine seedlings whose seeds were treated with stimulants Obereg’, Zircon, Epin-extra, Ecogel were significantly higher than seedlings under control. Seedling height and height increment of Siberian spruce seeds, which were processed by the stimulant Epin-extra were significantly more than the same under control. In addition to Epin-extra, Zircon and Heteroauxin stimulants had a positive effect on Siberian spruce seedling stem diameter. Siberian larch seeds treatment by all stimulants except Immunotsitofit, had a positive impact on the height and diameter of stem 3-year-old seedlings. The highest stem diameter was observed in seedlings whose seeds were treated with Ecogel and Heteroauxin stimulants. All stimulants had a significant positive effect (1.5-2 times higher compared to control) on the current linear increments.