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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2018 year, number 1

Force Chain Characteristics and Effects of a Dense Granular Flow System in a Third Body Interface during the Shear Dilatancy Process

S. Q. Hou, W. Wang, Z. Y. Wang, Z. W. Hu, K. Liu
Hefei University of Technology, Tunxi Road 193, Hefei, 230009, Anhui, China
Keywords: течение гранулированной среды, силовые цепочки, сдвиговая дилатансия, коэффициент нагрузки, коэффициент распределения, granular flow, force chains, shear dilatancy, load-distribution rate


In order to investigate the characteristics of force chains in a granular flow system, a parallel plate shear cell is constructed to simulate the shear movement of an infinite parallel plate and observe variations in relevant parameters. The shear dilatancy process is divided into three stages, namely, plastic strain, macroscopic failure, and granular recombination. The stick-slip phenomenon is highly connected with the evolution of force chains during the shear dilatancy process. The load-distribution rate curves and patterns of the force chains are utilized to describe the load-carrying behaviors and morphologic changes of force chains separately. Force chains, namely “diagonal gridding,” “tadpole-shaped,” and “pinnate,” are defined according to the form of the force chains in the corresponding three stages.