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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2018 year, number 1

Determination of Micro-Interference Parameters by Signals of Their Electromagnetic Radiation

V. D. Borisov
Teplosnabzhenie, Belovo, 652612 Russia
Keywords: электромагнитное излучение, деформация, спектрально-временной анализ, концентрационный критерий, пространственно-временной анализ, логарифмическая масштабная инвариантность, electromagnetic radiation, deformation, spectral-temporal analysis, concentration criterion, space-time analysis, logarithmic scale invariance


This paper proposes a model for determining the characteristics of the evolution of the field of microcracks in a loaded rock sample by electromagnetic radiation signals. Calculations were made, whose results were summarized in the form of space-time tables. Factors determining changes in the hierarchy of microcracks were established. The adequacy of the model was verified using the Zhurkov concentration criterion. Areas of scale invariance were revealed on graphs of the concentration of microcracks versus their size constructed on the logarithmic coordinates.