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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2018 year, number 1

Steady Flows Generated by a Core Oscillating in a Rotating Spherical Cavity

V. G. Kozlov, S. V. Subbotin
Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University, Perm, 614000 Russia
Keywords: вращение, внутреннее ядро, колебания, осредненное течение, дифференциальное вращение, инерционные волны, rotation, inner core, oscillations, steady flow, differential rotation, inertial waves


Steady flow generated by oscillations of an inner solid core in a fluid-filled rotating spherical cavity is experimentally studied. The core with density less than the fluid density is located near the center of the cavity and is acted upon by a centrifugal force. The gravity field directed perpendicular to the rotation axis leads to a stationary displacement of the core from the rotation axis. As a result, in the frame of reference attached to the cavity, the core performs circular oscillations with frequency equal to the rotation frequency, and its center moves along a circular trajectory in the equatorial plane around the center of the cavity. For the differential rotation of the core to be absent, one of the poles of the core is connected to the nearest pole of the cavity with a torsionally elastic, flexible fishing line. It is found that the oscillations of the core generate axisymmetric azimuthal fluid flow in the cavity which has the form of nested liquid columns rotating with different angular velocities. Comparison with the case of a free oscillating core which performs averaged differential rotation suggests the existence of two mechanisms of flow generation (due to the differential rotation of the core in the Ekman layer and and due to the oscillations of the core in the oscillating boundary layers).