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The journal "Ateroskleroz"

2017 year, number 4


O.V. Timoshchenko, Yu.P. Nikitin
Institute of Internal and Preventive Medicine - Branch of Federal Research Institute of Cytology and Genetics of SB RAS, 630089, Novosibirsk, Boris Bogatkov str., 175/1
Keywords: белок Клото, атеросклероз, сердечно-сосудистые заболевания, Klotho protein, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases


The review provides an analysis of the literature data on the Klotho protein. The discovery and in-depth study of the Klotho gene and its protein broadened the notion of natural aging. The levels of Klotho protein in serum decrease with age and with certain diseases associated with aging, in particular, such as osteoporosis, arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, malignant neoplasms, and certain kidney diseases. A number of experimental publications have suggested that the Klotho protein may affect the functional state of the vascular endothelium by suppressing inflammation and oxidative stress. According to some data a decrease the Klotho protein in blood is observed in cardiovascular diseases, but such data are scarce. Further studies are needed in this direction to determine possible relationships of the Klotho protein content in the blood serum with atherogenesis. New knowledge in understanding these processes can be used to find a more effective approach in the treatment and diagnostic tactics of cardiovascular diseases.