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The journal "Ateroskleroz"

2017 year, number 4


I.P. Berezovikova, D.V. Denisova, T.I. Baltuk, M.I. Voevoda
Institute of Internal and Preventive Medicine - Branch of Federal Research Institute of Cytology and Genetics of SB RAS, 630089, Novosibirsk, Boris Bogatkov str., 175/1
Keywords: полифенольные соединения, липиды крови, ресвератрол, тирозол, фенольные кислоты, источники, потребление, механизм гиполипидемического действия, polyphenolic compounds, blood lipids, resveratrol, tyrosol, phenolic acids, sources, intake, mechanism of lipid-lowering action


The review systematizes the results of studies on the effect of consumption of polyphenolic compounds on serum lipids. Data on the effect of polyphenol content in various products, consumption in different regions are given. The results of the effect on the lipid profile of phenolic acids cocoa, resveratrol, polyphenols olive oil. The mechanisms of the effect of polyphenols on lipids are given.