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Philosophy of Sciences

2017 year, number 4


Dmitriy Vladimirovich Vinnik
Institute of Philosophy and Law SB RAS, Nikolaeva str. 8, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Keywords: дистанционное видение, дальновидение, парапсихология, паранаука, наука, метаанализ, критерий простоты, connectionism, neural networks, parallel computing, philosophy of mind, neurophilosophy, neurophysiology, machine learning, perceptron, cognitron, artificial intelligence


The paper considers history of neurocomputing and ideology of parallel compiting as an alternative to digital computers. Such technologies are used not only to recognize images, but also to manage complex technical systems, e.o. in nuclear and defense industries. Significant advances in neurocomputing, especially in the defense industry, should cause concern because of some fundamental properties of neural networks and machine learning algorithms. In its most general form, this property can be called intellectual opacity. Despite the attractiveness of connectivism as a philosophical generalization of neurocomputing technology, we should not take it into account as a constructive classical type of rationality theory. It is as a heuristic natural philosophical wiev on the nature of the mind.