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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2017 year, number 12

Operative estimation of ecological state of coastal sea aquatories using passive optical remote sensing of water surface from board a ship

V.V. Rostovtseva, I.V. Goncharenko, B.V. Konovalov, A.F. Alukaeva
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, 36, Nakhimovski prospect, Moscow, Russia, 117997
Keywords: экологическое состояние морских акваторий, спектры коэффициента яркости моря, поглощение и рассеяние света морской водой, приустьевая акватория, концентрации взвеси и окрашенного органического вещества, ecological state of marine areas, spectra of the sea radiance coefficient, absorption and scattering of light by sea water, coastal sea water area at the river mouth, concentration of suspended matter and colored organic matter


Study of ecological state of marine coastal regions often requires operative acquisition of detailed data. In this work, the measurements of the sea radiance coefficient spectra are analyzed, which were made with a new three-channel passive optical complex for ecological monitoring of marine aquatoria (EMMA) developed by us, which operates semiautomatic from board a moving ship. The measurements were carried out at the Brazilian coast in the area of the Rio Grande river mouth. The spectra obtained were processed using an original technique based on intrinsic properties of the pure sea water absorption spectrum (WASM - water absorption step method) modified for the eutrophic type II waters. This enables us to estimate the absorption indices of the suspended matter and colored organic matter. The comparison of these remote estimates with the estimates retrieved from the water samples taken at special stations shows their high correlation. Using remotely obtained data the distributions of the suspended matter and colored organic matter were constructed and compared to the satellite image in the aquatory under exploration.