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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2017 year, number 6

Temperature Distribution in the Spherical Shell of a Gauge-Adjusting Satellite

V. S. Zarubin, V. N. Zimin, G. N. Kuvyrkin
Moscow State Technical University them. N. E.Bowman, Moscow, 105005, Russia
Keywords: космический аппарат, сферическая оболочка, равновесная температура, квазистационарное распределение температуры, satellite, spherical shell, equilibrium temperature, quasistationary temperature distribution


A thermal model of the aluminized polymer shell of a gauge-adjusting satellite for calculating the steady-state temperature distribution of this shell at its fixed orientation relative to the Sun. A modified version of the model was used to analyze the quasistationary distribution of the shell temperature in the case of its rotation with a constant angular velocity about an axis perpendicular the direction to the Sun.