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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2017 year, number 5

Partitioning of Trophic Resource in Rodent Community on the Terek-Kuma Lowland of the Republic Dagestan

1Caspian Institute of Biological Resources, DSC RAS, 368025, Makhachkala, M. Gajieva str., 45
2Daghestan State University, 367001, Makhachkala, M. Gajieva str., 43a
Keywords: рацион питания, степень сходства рациона питания, избирательность, сообщество мышевидных грызунов, rodent community, diet, diversity of foods, dietary overlap


The quantitative and qualitative diet features of the rodent species in arid conditions on the Terek-Kuma Lowland were studied. Species composition, shares and diversity of foods in diets of rodent species were revealed. Diets of rodent species consisted of many plants species. Meriones tamariscinus diet consisted of 29 plant species, M. meridianus diet consisted of 40, Cricetulus migratorius diet consisted of 26, Sylvaemus fulvipectus diet consisted of 34 and Mus musculus diet consisted of 30 plant species. Dietary overlap between rodent pairs was from lower to middle.