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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2017 year, number 4

Subrecent Spore-Pollen Spectra and Modern Vegetation from the Lena River Delta, Russian Arctic

1Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research, 14473, Potsdam, Telegrafenberg, A43
2Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, 199397, St. Petersburg, Beringa str., 38
3Saint Petersburg State University, 199034, St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya emb., 7-9
Keywords: поверхностные пробы, дальнезаносная пыльца, современная растительность, адекватность, дельта р. Лена, Surface samples, long distance transported pollen, modern vegetation, adequacy, Lena River Delta


The paper presents the results of palynological analysis of fourty surface samples collected from the various geomorphological levels such as low and high floodplains, surfaces and slopes of terraces, tops of island remnants, etc. from different parts of the Lena River Delta. The obtained spore-pollen spectra (SPS) were compared to the modern vegetation. We studies the role of the long distance transported pollen and of the pollen from the local plant biocenosis in formation of the subrecent SPS. The modern vegetation is most adequately reflected in the SPS of the samples collected from the higher altitudes that range from 11 to 52 m above river level (a.r.l.). The SPS of the other samples contain up to 40 % of the long distance transported pollen (mostly Pinus s/g Haploxylon) . This results in a significant decrease in the share of the local pollen in the SPS. Our results will help to improve the reliability of palaeoclimatic reconstructions based on palaeopalynological data in Arctic regions.