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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2017 year, number 3

Detonation Velocity of Highly Dispersed Ammonium Perchlorate and its Mixtures with Explosive Substances

A. A. Kotomin, S. A. Dushenok, M. A. Ilyushin
SKTB "Technologist", St. Petersburg, 192076 Russia
Keywords: перхлорат аммония, скорость детонации, дисперсность, кислородный коэффициент, ammonium perchlorate, detonation velocity, dispersity, oxygen coefficient


The detonation velocities close to ideal velocity relative to large charges of highly dispersed ammonium perchlorate (APC) and its mixtures with different explosive substances in thick-walled steel pipes are measured. The relationship of the detonation velocity of APC with its density and the relationship between the detonation velocity of mixtures with the correlation of components and oxygen coefficient of the mixtures are determined. The calculation of the detonation velocity of APC/explosive/Al three-component compositions is proposed for the first time.