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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2017 year, number 3

Shock Compression Hydride and Deuteride Vanadium Atoms with Different Concentrations of Gases

A. N. Golubkov, L. F. Gudarenko, M. V. Zhernokletov, A. A. Kayakin, A. N. Shuikin
Institute of Experimental Physics, Sarov, 607188, Russia
Keywords: ванадий, гидрид ванадия, дейтерид ванадия, уравнение состояния, vanadium, vanadium hydride, vanadium deuteride, equation of state


This paper presents the results of experiments to study the shock compression of samples of vanadium deuterides and hydrides of the following compositions: VX0.51, VX0.7-0.9 and VX ≥1.6, wher X is H or D. The experiments were carried out in a pressure range of 20-140 GPa. The technology of synthesizing samples using electrolytic vanadium containing not less than 99.7% of the basic substance. The shock adiabats of vanadium deuterides and hydrides were determined using the well-known reflection method. The samples were compressed using shock-wave generators based on the use of explosive charges of different power. The obtained experimental data are described by the equation of state developed using a model in which the specific heat and Gruneisen ratios of ions and electrons are functions of density and temperature. At low temperature, the specific heat changes in accordance with the Debye theory. The removal of the degeneracy of the electron gas at higher temperatures is considered. The influence of ionization processes on the thermodynamic functions is effectively taken into account.