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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2017 year, number 3

The self-broadening coefficients and spontaneus emission probability of the CO2 1000-0001 transition lines

K.I. Arshinov1, O.N. Krapivnaya1, V.V. Nevdakh2
1Institute of Technical Acoustics, Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Vitebsk, Belarus, Belarus, 210023, Vitebsk, prosp. Lyudnikova, 13
2Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus, 220013, Minsk, ul. Ya. Kolasa, 13
Keywords: углекислый газ, поглощение, коэффициент столкновительного самоуширения, вероятность спонтанного излучения, carbon dioxide, absorption, self-broadening coefficient, spontaneous emission probability


Using a tunable frequency stabilized CO2 laser, the dependences of the unsaturated absorption coefficient in pure carbon dioxide on pressure were measured in the range 5-30 Torr, where line contours are described by the Voigt function. The absorption coefficients were measured at the center frequencies of R(8), R(22), R(34), P(22), and P(36) lines of the 1000-0001 transition in the temperature range 300-700 K. By means of the least squares method, the inverse problem is solved for the system of equations for absorption coefficients at different pressures in the temperature range under study. The self-broadening coefficient γCO2-CO2 and the probability of spontaneous emission Aik are determined. A new formula is proposed for the dependence γCO2-CO2(T).