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Scientific journal “Vestnik NSUEM”

2016 year, number 3


E.A. Chuveleva
Siberian State Industrial University, Str. Kirov, 42, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region, 654007
Keywords: слияния и поглощения, система, финансовые отношения, децентрализованные финансы, воспроизводство, возобновление, mergers and acquisitions, system, financial relations, decentralized finances, reproduction, renewal


The conception of the system specifics of renewal of financial relations of mergers and acquisitions of non-finance corporations is formed. It becomes apparent in the context of mutual dependence of processes of development of subsystems of social and economic system, including financial, productive-economic, social etc. The results of development of the subsystems are expressed in their progressive or regressive renewals. The nature of renewals depends on achievability of synergetic effects by mergers and acquisitions projects; this achievability is defined by the ability of their participants to resist impact of risks. The actuality of revelation of the system nature of riskogenics of reproduction of strategic processes of corporate integration, which is of integral nature, is proved. The nature is formed by complexity of adequate forecasting of finances of corporate integration in view of the whole variety of mutually dependent turbulences of the subsystems of the social and economic system.