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Scientific journal “Vestnik NSUEM”

2016 year, number 3


R.A. Dolzenko1,2
1National Research University Higher School of Economics, Myasnitskaya St., 20, Moscow, 101000
2Altay State University, Ave. Lenin, 61, Barnaul, Altay, 656049
Keywords: многосторонняя платформа, ценообразование на многосторонней платформе, краудсорсинг, многосторонняя платформа краудсорсинга, ценообразование на многосторонней краудсорсинговой платформе, multisided platform, pricing on multisided platform, crowdsourcing, crowdsourcing multisided platform, pricing on crowdsourcing multisided platform


The article describes the essence of a multisided platform, as a way of interaction of participants on multisided market. The typical structure and basic network effects of using a multisided platform are described. The key features of pricing in the multisided markets and the multisided platforms are considered. The essence of crowdsourcing is analyzed. The advantages of crowdsourcing as the collective interaction of stakeholders, both for customers and for society are highlighted. We are suggest to consider a platform for crowdsourcing as a multisided platform, which is subject to the laws of pricing on the multisided markets and multisided platforms. Ways of solve the problems of pricing in crowdsourcing projects in domestic practice are allocated.