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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2016 year, number 5

Combustion and Detonation of Propane-Air Composition in Large-Scale Experiments

V. I. Tarzhanov, V. G. Vil'danov, V. I. Sdobnov, I. V. Telichko, A. D. Zinchenko, A. E. Makarov, I. A. Litvinenko, V. A. Ogarkov, V. V. Vlasov, A. V. Vorob'ev, I. G. Koretskii, S. L. Mukhin, A.F. Khanin, A. N. Grachev, V. A. Matkin, V. A. Potashnikov
Zababakhin Russian Federal Nuclear Center, Institute of Technical Physics, Snezhinsk, 456770 Russia
Keywords: горение, детонация, переход горения в детонацию, пропановоздушные составы, крупномасштабные опыты, combustion, detonation, deflagration to detonation transition, propane-air compositions, large-scale experiments


This paper presents the results of two large-scale tests performed to clarify the conditions for the detonation of propane-air compositions in model surface clouds in the absence and in the presence of confining rigid walls. Model clouds with sizes of 15 x 6 x 4.2 and 15 x 6 x 2 m were confined by plastic tents. A mixture of starting reactants in the cloud was ignited by the hot detonation products propagating along a perforated 0.82 x 23 m tube passing through the space of the tent. Hot detonation products were injected from the tube through holes of 20 and 40 mm diameters. Detonation of the propane-air mixture in the tube was initiated by explosion of an explosive charge placed at the tube end. Detonation occurred in the propane-air cloud bounded on one side by a rigid vertical wall, and no detonation was observed in the cloud with similar injection of hot products without a rigid wall. It is concluded that the divergence or convergence of the flows of hot detonation products play a key role in the process, being responsible for the presence or absence of detonation in the mixing region, respectively.