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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2016 year, number 4

Improvement of the Film Cooling Effectiveness with a Small Downstream Block Body

A. Khorsi, A. Guelailia, M. K. Hamidou
University of sciences and technology of Oran В«Mohamed Boudiaf», Oran, Algeria
Keywords: пленочное охлаждение, адиабатическая эффективность, угол присоединения, плоская пластина, метод конечных объемов, film cooling, adiabatic effectiveness, compound angle, flat plate, finite volume method


The aim of this study is to predict the improvement in the film cooling performance over a flat plate through a single row of cylindrical holes with different streamwise angles by using the Ansys CFX software package. In order to improve the film cooling effectiveness, a short crescent-shaped block is placed downstream of a cylindrical cooling hole. The numerical results of the cylindrical hole without the downstream short crescent-shaped block are compared with experimental data.