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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2016 year, number 4

On the Problem of Free Deceleration of a Solid in a Resistant Medium

M. V. Shamolin
Institute of Mechanics at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, 119192, Russia
Keywords: твердое тело, сопротивляющаяся среда, уравнения движения, фазовый портрет, solid body, resistant medium, equations of motion, phase portrait


A mathematical model of the influence of a medium on a solid body with some part of its external surface being flat is considered with due allowance for an additional dependence of the moment of the medium action force on the angular velocity of the body. A full system of equations of motion is given under quasi-steady conditions; the dynamic part of this system forms an independent third-order system, and an independent second-order subsystem is identified. A new family of phase portraits on a phase cylinder of quasi-velocities is obtained. It is demonstrated that the results obtained allow one to design hollow circular cylinders (“shell cases”), which can ensure necessary stability in conducting additional full-scale experiments.