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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2016 year, number 4

MHD Flow and Heat Transfer of a Power-Law Non-Newtonian Nanofluid (Cu-H2O) over a Vertical Stretching Sheet

M. Ferdows1, M. A. A. Hamad2
1University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
2Science Assiut University, Assiut 71516, Egypt
Keywords: наножидкость, перенос тепла, магнитогидродинамика, растягивающаяся пластина, жидкость, удовлетворяющая степенному закону, автомодельное решение, nanofluid, heat transfer, MHD, stretching sheet, power-law fluid, similarity solution


A steady-state mixed convection boundary layer flow of an electrically conducting nanofluid (Cu-H2O) obeying a power-law model in the presence of an alternating magnetic field due to a stretching vertical heated sheet is investigated numerically through the use of Wolfram Mathematica. The surface stretching velocity and the surface temperature are assumed to vary as linear functions of the distance from the origin. A similarity solution is presented, which depends on the nanoparticle volume fraction, power-law parameter, magnetic field parameter, buoyancy convection parameter, and modified Prandtl number.