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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2016 year, number 4

Unsteady Flow of a Dusty Bingham Fluid Through a Porous Medium in a Circular Pipe

H. A. Attia1, W. Abbas2, A. L. Aboul-Hassan3, M. A. M. Abdeen3, M. A. Ibrahim4
1El-Fayoum University, El-Fayoum-63514, Egypt
2College of Engineering and Technology, Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, Cairo. Egypt
3Cairo University, Giza 12211, Egypt
4Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
Keywords: неустойчивое течение, круглая труба, пористая среда, неньютоновская жидкость, жидкость Бингама, unsteady flow, circular pipe, porous medium, non-Newtonian fluid, Bingham fluid


A time-varying flow through a porous medium of a dusty viscous incompressible Bingham fluid in a circular pipe is studied. A constant pressure gradient is applied in the axial direction, whereas the particle phase is assumed to behave as a viscous fluid. The effect of the medium porosity, the non-Newtonian fluid characteristics, and the particle phase viscosity on the transient behavior of the velocity, volumetric flow rates, and skin friction coefficients of both the fluid and particle phases is investigated. A numerical solution is obtained for the governing nonlinear momentum equations by using the method of finite differences.