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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2016 year, number 4

The Dynamics of Terrestrial Invertebrate Inputs in the Food Web of a Small Salmon River

Institute of Biology and Soil Science, FEB RAS, 690022, Vladivostok, 100-Letiya Vladivostoka ave., 159
Keywords: дрифт, аллохтонные организмы, пищевая сеть, потоки вещества и энергии, invertebrate drift, allochthonous organisms, food web, matter and energy flow


The qualitative composition and quantitative characteristics of the syrton allochthonous fraction in one of the rivers of the Russian Far East were examined. It was assumed that the revealed daily dynamics of the terrestrial invertebrates drift was determined by the specifics of their daily migrations on land. A counterargument to the theory of the zoobenthos night drift strategy as a way to avoid drift-feeding predators was suggested.